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Sinus Lift & Bone Grafting

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    Many of the patients that we see at our practice have been told by other dentists that they are not suitable for dental implant treatment due to lack of bone structure and density for the placement of dental implants.

    Here at Beech Lane Dental Care we offer solutions for patients who may have been told that implant treatment is not possible. A sinus lift or bone graft procedure allows us to use a combination of both synthetic and grafted bone from the jaw to increase the volume and density of bone available in the area where the implants are to be placed.

    Bone grafting

    Bone grafting is a procedure that is carried out to add bone mass to a patient’s jaws who previously did not have sufficient jaw bone mass to support the placement of dental implants. There are several bone grafting techniques that we can offer, depending on the patient’s specific need. In most cases we use synthetic bone substitute that is completely replaced by your own bone over time.

    Sinus lift / graft

    A sinus grafting procedure or a sinus lift is a technique used in patients who do not have sufficient bone height (in the upper jaw area) for dental implants to be placed successfully. This involves the surgical addition of bone into the maxillary sinus of the upper jaw, particularly in the area of the molars and the premolars at the same time that the implants are placed. Over time this grafted bone is replaced by the patient’s own bone to create normal bone. The aim is to grow enough bone height so that implants of sufficient length can be secured into the upper jaw.

    In addition to grafting we also utilise advanced implant techniques such as the All-on-4 dental implant procedure that allows us to restore a full arch of teeth in patients that have low bone density in just one day.

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