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Dental Crown Services in Reading

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    Crowns Reading

    Dental crowns are restorations that we use to repair broken, decayed or worn teeth and in many cases we use cosmetic crowns to improve the aesthetics of a smile.

    At Beech Lane Dental we have been only using metal free crowns either made with the latest Emax or Zirconia ceramics for over 20 years. Every crown is perfectly hand-crafted for each tooth with attention to detail by our experienced technicians to ensure that it fits perfectly and has the appropriate colour, texture and shape for your mouth. This ensures strong, natural looking crowns with long-term durability.

    A crown is usually fitted over two consecutive appointments, during the first appointment the tooth is prepared and our digital Trios 3 Shape scanner is used to scan your teeth. The scans are digitally sent to our technicians so they can make your crown to fit perfectly to your tooth. At the second appointment your crown is fitted.

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