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    At Beech Lane Dental Care we pride ourselves on being completely transparent when it comes to our professional fees. We will discuss all viable options with you and design a treatment plan suited to your needs. For all planned treatment you will receive a written estimate. We accept cash, cheques, debit cards and all major credit cards.

    We also have an interest free payment plan to allow you to pay for the treatment you require in affordable monthly instalments whilst having the treatment carried out immediately. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Treatment Price
    New patient consultation £90.00
    Clinical examination £48.00
    OPG £75.00
    Small x-rays £15.00 each
    Hygienist appointment
    White filling from £120.00
    Extraction from £125.00
    Porcelain metal free crown / onlay from £650.00
    Root filling (including x-rays and anibiotics as required) from £450.00
    Partial denture from £295.00
    Acrylic Partial Denture from £395.00
    Cobalt chrome (metal framed) denture from £1100.00
    Full acrylic upper & lower denture (set) from £1200.00

    Root filling 

    including x-rays and filling
    Treatment Price
    Incisor/Canine from £395.00
    Premolar from £425.00
    Molar from £595.00

    Implant dentistry

    Treatment Price
    Single tooth implant includes titanium abutment and high quality porcelain crown from £1995.00
    2 implants to stabilise lower denture and new set of upper and lower dentures  POA
    4 implants to stabilise upper denture and new set of upper and lower dentures POA
    6 implants to stabilise a new set of upper and lower dentures POA
    6 implants supporting upper or lower fixed porcelain bridge                                     POA
    All-on-4 same day teeth upper or lower POA

    Cosmetic braces

    Treatment Price
    6 Month Smiles upper or lower teeth including Home whitening and removable retainers £2000.00
    6 Month Smiles upper and lower including Home whitening and removable retainers   £3000.00
    Comprehensive orthodontics Fixed fee will be provided after consultation £NA
    Invisalign £1500-£4100

    Cosmetic dentistry

    Treatment Price
    Home whitening £295.00
    Zoom including home whitening  £650.00
    Zoom including home whitening 'WHITENING WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS PROMOTION' £550.00
    Veneers from £750.00
    Metal Free Porcelain Crowns                                      £495.00
    Metal Free Bridgework from £550.00 per unit

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