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Dental Implants in Reading

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    Dental implants are the perfect solution for the replacement of missing teeth and stabilising loose dentures. The implants themselves are made from high quality titanium and function as replacement tooth roots, which can then support a crown, denture or fixed bridge.

    It is important to replace missing teeth as leaving gaps could result in a range of problems such as movement of adjacent teeth into the space, bone loss in the jaw which can affect the structure of the jaw and cause premature ageing with sagging of the face.

    Here at Beech Lane Dental Care we provide a wide range of dental implant solutions tailored to every individual’s needs. For many of our patients dental implant treatment is life-changing.

    For those with just a single missing tooth a single implant and crown can be used to fill the gap. Several missing teeth can be replaced with a fixed bridge with two or more implants supporting it. A full arch of missing teeth can be replaced with a denture supported by either mini dental implants or full sized implants or even with a fixed bridge supported by 6 dental implants.

    Dr Prash Patel is a highly skilled implant dentist and can also replace a full arch of missing teeth in a one day procedure using just 4 dental implants by using the latest All-on-4 implant technique.

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