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The Beech Lane Dental Care Plan

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    We are delighted to offer the The Beech Lane Dental Care Plan, our very own scheme designed to assist our patients in speading the cost of private dentistry.


    There are several options to choose from to suit your individual needs and budget and are as follows:
    Plan A
    Plan B
    Plan C
    2 examinations per annum
    2 Hygienist appointments per annum
    £23.10 per month
    2 examinations per annum
    3 Hygienist appointments per annum
    £25.00 per month

    2 examinations per annum
    4 Hygienist appointments per annum
    £29.00 per month

    All patients who join the plan benefit from important routine treatment, routine x-rays, Worldwide emergency cover and 5% discount on treatment fees (excluding cosmetic dentistry, implants and orthodontics). Please speak to a member of our team for more information on The Beech Lane Dental Care Plan.


    Denplan is the UK's leading dental payment plan specialist providing preventive dental care programmes, with over 1.8 million registered patients already enjoying the benefits of membership. Spread the costs of your routine dental care with predictable monthly payments. With Denplan Care you can leave your worries about costly and unexpected dental bills behind.

    Monthly payments entitle you to all the routine care and treatment you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy, including: examinations, routine treatments, X-rays and major restorative work such as periodontal (gum) treatment, crowns, bridges, dentures and inlays (excluding laboratory fees).

    Preventive care can stop problems before they happen

    Discounts of up to 15% are available, if one Direct Debit covers all registered Denplan patients receiving treatment at the same practice.

    Emergency care whenever and wherever you need it

    If you ever need dental treatment in an emergency at any time of the day or night then help is at hand with the Supplementary Insurance, arranged by Denplan on your behalf.

    This dental injury and emergency cover is included when you become a Denplan Care patient, giving you invaluable peace of mind whether you are away from home, away on business or on holiday abroad.

    Emergency Helpline at your service

    As part of Denplan's Insurance Services you will also have access to Denplan's 24 hour emergency helpline service which can help you find a dentist wherever you are in the world.

    How does Denplan work?

    Denplan Care is a care contract that allows your dentist to provide ongoing preventive dental case as well as restorative treatment.
    Denplan Care also includes mandatory Supplementary Insurance to contribute towards the cost of treatment required as a result of dental injuries or emergencies.
    Your dentist will assess your dental health and agree with you a programme of preventive dental care. Any treatment needed is usually carried out before your Denplan Care contract begins.
    You and your dentist then agree a monthly fee that spreads the cost of your ongoing routine and preventative dental care and treatment.
    Your payment is collected by Denplan, normally via a monthly Direct Debit. You can choose to pay your subscription monthly by Direct Debit, or annually in advance either by Direct Debit, cheque or by credit card.
    Please note that there is a registration fee payable, to cover Denplan's cost of administration. This is a one off charge, equivalent to one month's fee.
    For the dental care you receive under the Care Agreement, you are in contract with your Dentist.
    For the Supplementary Insurance element you are in contract with Simplyhealth and you are in contract with Denplan for the Insurance Services.

    What does Denplan give you?

    Over 1.8 million patients nationwide already choose Denplan as the solution to manage their oral health. Why not join to get access to:
    Necessary fillings
    Hygiene treatment (including scaling and polishing)
    Preventive dental service and therapy
    Any necessary extractions
    Periodontal (gum) treatment
    Crowns, bridges, dentures, inlays (excluding laboratory fees)
    Root canal treatment

    Denplan Care does not cover the following:

    Laboratory fees and prescriptions
    Any treatment excluded by the dentist in your contract
    Referral to a specialist and specialist treatment
    Treatment carried out anywhere other than by your registered dentist except when you need emergency temporary treatment
    Orthodontics, implants, cosmetic treatment
    Sedation fees

    As part of Denplan Care you receive Supplementary Insurance which includes:

    Dental injury cover (up to £10,000 per incident)
    Temporary emergency dental treatment in the UK (up to £400 per incident, total limit payable £800 per calendar year).
    Temporary emergency dental treatment when overseas (up to £412 per incident, total limit payable £824 per calendar year).
    Up to £62 for every night spent in hospital under the sole care of a dental or maxillofacial surgeon for treatment in relation to head or neck
    Up to £12,000 to cover mouth cancer treatment costs for up to 18 months following a positive diagnosis. Smokers are not excluded from this cover
    Any necessary extractions
    Periodontal (gum) treatment
    Crowns, bridges, dentures, inlays (excluding laboratory fees)
    Root canal treatment

    Your Supplementary Insurance does not cover:

    Emergency treatment provided by your own dentist or a dentist/specialist acting on your dentist's behalf
    Dental injury caused whilst training for or participating in contact sports, unless recommended mouth protection is worn
    Mouth cancer diagnosed before joining Denplan or within 90 days after the date you joined Denplan (or for which tests or consultations began within those 90 days)

    Denplan Insurance Services provides:

    24 hour worldwide emergency helpline
    Arrangement of Supplementary Insurance cover
    Assistance with any enquiries regarding your Insurance policy

    Beech Lane Dental Care Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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